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Besides articles about how to handle debt in a responsible manner, how not to lose your home and how to avoid foreclosure, Real Estate Assist also provides general real estate news.

Unlock Home Equity: Loan-Free Access

Unlock Home Equity: Loan-Free Access in South AfricaIntroduction to Unlocking Home Equity Without a LoanSelling Your Home: Downsizing as a Way to Access Home EquityMethods for Accessing Home Equity: Shared Equity and InvestmentsHome Equity Sharing AgreementsHome...

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Mortgage Origination in South Africa

The Mortgage Loan Origination Process: ExplainedWhat is Mortgage Origination?Loan Origination: Understanding the Mortgage Origination ProcessPre-Approval StageUnderwriting StageClosing StageUnderstanding Mortgage TypesFixed-Rate Mortgages: Consistent Interest...

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Avoid Repossession

Negotiate with your lender To negotiate with your lender with the goal of avoiding repossession, you can take several actions. Request for a repayment plan, a loan modification, or forbearance as a solution. Each of these sub-sections offers a different option to help...

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How Mortgage Brokers Save You Time & Money

How Mortgage Brokers Save You Time & Money How Mortgage Brokers Save You Time & MoneyWhat is a mortgage broker?Advantages of Using a Mortgage Broker: Access to Multiple Lenders, Expertise, and Negotiating PowerDisadvantages of Using a Mortgage Broker:...

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