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Besides articles about how to handle debt in a responsible manner, how not to lose your home and how to avoid foreclosure, Real Estate Assist also provides general real estate news.

Role of property equity in preventing home auction

Exploring the Role of Property Equity in Avoiding Home Auctions It's essential to consider the role of property equity when it comes to avoiding home auctions. Property equity is the value of a property minus any outstanding loans or mortgages against it. In an...

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How to consolidate your bond in South Africa

Bond consolidation in South Africa is the process of combining multiple bonds into one loan. This can help homeowners with financial relief, by simplifying repayments and potentially reducing interest rates. To do this, it is wise to consult a financial institution or...

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Steps to consolidate your bond in South Africa

Consolidating your bond in South Africa? Here are the steps! First, understand what bond consolidation involves. It's combining multiple debts into one loan with a lower rate. Gather documents: proof of income, ID, property details. Seek professional advice. Choose...

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Bond optimisation strategies in South Africa

Explore the amazing world of bond optimisation strategies in South Africa! Financial professionals use these strategies to get the most from the bond market with minimal risks. From finding undervalued bonds to diversifying portfolios, each approach helps create a...

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How to calculate property equity in South Africa

Do you ever ponder how to figure property equity in South Africa? Knowing property equity is significant when evaluating your money related status and making educated venture choices. Here, we will steer you through the process of computing property equity, giving you...

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How to optimise your bond for financial success

Optimizing your bond is important for long-term financial success. Bonds are fixed-income securities that work like loans from investors to governments or corporations. Investing in different types of bonds and issuers helps reduce risk and increase returns. Staying...

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South African laws on home auction and property equity

In South Africa, laws about home auctions and property equity are crucial for buyers and sellers. These laws guarantee fair deals and defend the rights of everyone involved. Understanding the legal system for auctions is essential. Auctions are a great way to buy or...

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Bond consolidation benefits in South Africa

Bond consolidation is a financial strategy that offers many advantages to South African individuals. By combining multiple bonds into one, borrowers can simplify their repayment and possibly save on interest costs. With the high cost of living and varying interest...

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