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BC (Body Corporate) Funding Solutions.

1. Solving the financial problem of distressed Bodies Corporate and HOA’s.

2. Solving the financial problems of distressed homeowners​.

Presented by James Eayrs.

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Problems and needs create business opportunities


Solutions to distressed real estate owners and levy raising institutions, resulting in speedy payment of arrear levies and avoiding legal action.

75 000 registered Community Schemes​. In South Africa, i.e., Sectional Title Bodies Corporate (BC) and Homeowners Associations (HOA). With an estimated annual arrear levy funding requirement​.

In excess of R5 Billion. This is caused by non-payment of levies and the inability by community schemes to access lending capital. ​

Community Schemes Property Market Impairment:

The main culprits causing Community Schemes to become impaired is:​

  • Mismanagement.
  • Non-payment of levies​.
  • The Socio-economic situation brought on by Covid-19 Lockdown and resulting economic downturns​.
  • The problematic legal process​.
Problem Statement.

1.1. Home Owners Associations and Bodies Corporate are facing a growing problem of homeowners not paying their levies on time.

1.2. When homeowners fall behind on their payments, it is becoming difficult for associations to collect the overdue levies, often requiring legal action.

1.3. Collecting debts is not always successful, leaving associations with little choice but to initiate legal action, which could lead to foreclosure.

1.4. Legal processes are costly in terms of money, time, and effort. Meanwhile, the associations need funds to maintain their operations, but they are frustrated by these challenges.

Our Solution.

2.1. Real Estate Assist offers a program specifically designed for distressed Real Estate Owners with different debt situations.

2.2. The program utilizes the property’s equity and various structured tools to help alleviate the owner’s debts.

2.3. The owner then follows a rehabilitation program that aims to improve their financial situation within 5 years.

2.4. The goals of the program are for the owner to achieve financial stability, retain ownership of their home if possible, and as a last resort, sell the property while ensuring the owner is educated to avoid future financial distress.


3.1. Real Estate Owner:

The goal is to provide financial assistance that leads to the following outcomes:

3.1.1. The homeowner can keep their home in the long run.

3.1.2. The distressed homeowner becomes debt-free and remains debt-free.

3.2. Bodies Corporate and Home Owners Associations:

3.2.1. Real Estate Assist’s intervention ensures that these institutions receive payment for all overdue levies and other debts from the distressed homeowner as the top priority.

3.2.2. It also helps avoid the need for legal action, the associated costs, and the problems faced when dealing with homeowners who are behind on levy payment.

Why? & How?

Why? Having witnessed the negative impact of auctions on families for years, the founders of Assist Group recognized the need for a better approach to property investment. Real Estate Assist and Wealth Assist were developed to offer a win-win solution, avoiding profiting from the misfortunes of others.

How? We connect distressed property owners with property investors through a symbiotic impact investment platform. Assist Group’s main objective is to positively impact the lives of property owners in need while providing secure, above-average returns to impact real estate investors. By meeting the expectations of both parties, we have successfully achieved this goal.


About James Eayrs.


James is an independent consultant with BC (Body Corporate) Funding Solutions and co-owner of Stratton Morgan since 2010. Stratton Morgan is a company that specializes in boutique investment opportunities in the distressed Sectional Titles and Home Owners Association industries. Before that he was the Operations Manager and Franchise Manager for Wizard Financial Services since 2002.

In early 2023, James encountered an exciting opportunity presented by the Assist Group, a firm dedicated to aiding distressed property owners. The remarkable synergy between the services offered by Assist Group and BC Funding Solutions paved the way for addressing the needs of both distressed entities with innovative and ingenious solutions. Simultaneously, this opportunity opened doors for private investors to engage in lucrative prospects within a secure and stable investment environment, promising well-above-average returns.