Leading Solutions to Stop Foreclosure and Auction in South Africa

The Best Alternative to Debt Review. Stop Foreclosure and Auction and Keep Your Home. Consolidate Current Short-Term Debt Without Debt Review or Debt Counselling

Keep Home

Our Unique Solutions For Distressed Homeowners

We don’t want to see you lose your home. With our proven solutions that are saving hundreds of homes from foreclosure – we can help make sure it doesn’t happen to you!

Keep Your Home

Our goal is to stop the auction of your real estate so you can keep your home and start rebuilding your credit. When the sheriff has ordered the repossession of your home, we will help you stay in your home and prevent your house from being repossessed by the bank. In order to stop the auction of your home, you must own a residential property valued at up to R3.5 million and earn a stable income. 
Keep Home
Stop Foreclosure and auction

Stop Foreclosure and Auction in South Africa

Sadly, few people know there is an alternative to a bank auction. Rather than having to accept a bank sale in execution, we can help you to stop the auction of your home. Despite being in bad financial shape, we don’t think your house should be put up for auction due to your bad debt. For you to qualify, you must own a residential property valued at up to R3.5 million and earn a consistent income. 

Consolidate Debt and Improve Credit Score

In the same way, people are not aware they can stop the auction of their property, almost everyone believes debt review is the only option for settling or consolidating debt. Real Estate Assist helps you recover from current short-term debt without debt review or debt counseling from companies that only delay your recovery. Recover your credit score without further delay and stop living with debt.

Increase Credit Score
Unlock Equity through your real estate

Unlock Cash Flow or Equity

Your greatest asset is your real estate. Unlock your asset to settle debts and return to financial security. We have helped countless people in financial debt get back on their feet. The best part is it does not cost you an arm and a leg to be financially secure again. No loans, no large fees, and no more debt.

Improve and Sell

Don’t sell your home without ensuring your profit is marginally improved by improving and renovating your real estate before you sell it. We offer this service to any qualifying homeowners. In addition, we encourage Estate Agents to participate in our program Estate Agent Participation Program and earn commissions if they refer clients to us.

Improve your home before you sell it

The Big Disrupting Concept

Real Estate Assist Disrupts the current distressed Real Estate market by assisting you in the following ways
Umbrella protect real estate assist

Turning Around Unacceptable Industry Approaches

  • We provide you with sustainable and bankable solutions which prevent being taken advantage of whilst providing protection and a win-win for all participants

Recreating your world through real estate by doing the following

  • Facilitating the process for you to keep your home or real estate whilst recovering​
  • Unlocking equity from your real estate to address financial needs 
  • Assisting you in maximizing your proceeds from the sale of your home or real estate

Creating lasting results of Real Estate and Home Owners lives and a win-win for all

  • Governance and protection
  • Sustainable and lasting solutions
  • Maximize proceeds and prices are obtained for owners,
  • Protect equity for real estate owners and mortgage holders
  • Assist to access equity from your real estate
  • Improve your cash flow and credit score

Moving Non-Qualifying Prospective Home Buyers into Home Ownership because

  • You may not able to buy a home because you do not qualify for a mortgage bond on the account of NCA and Financial institution’s Criteria,
  • you don’t have a big enough deposit,
  • you are still recovering from an adverse credit record,​
  • you are a first-time buyer entering the property market,
  • you are a purchaser that wants to “try before you fly

Offering Structured Real Estate Solutions Not Available In The Market

  • As a real estate owner in need of assistance we provide you clarity prior to transacting after assessment with regards to the:
    • options
    • cost
    • exit strategy
    • final outcome

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Kraaifontein CPT Real Estate Owner

What a happy day!!! We are so happy that the registration went through. thank you, thank you to Everyone who assisted us!  Thank you also for standing us by and being here for us. You are greatly appreciated.

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Gauteng JHB Real Estate Owner

Phew, that’s the best news ever!! Thanks for the confirmation. Somehow it now feels as if it is real. Please thank everyone that was involved and also went through the same amount of stress as us this week. We know that you guys did all you can to make it happen.

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Real Estate Owner

When I was going through a rough financial challenge in 2018/2019, they stepped in and took control of an out of control situation with faith, wisdom and professionalism & by the grace of God & with applied knowledge were able to salvage a very bad situation for me. I am so grateful & thankful that I knew Daniél Lombard & The Property Assist Team at that time and that they were Willing and ready to help me along with a lot of prayer & miracles I came out on top! Thank you and God bless you.

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Real Estate Owner

They share the same values and they really help families to retain their property.

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