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About Real Estate Assist

After experiencing the destructive effects of auctions on the lives of families for years, the founders decided that there should be a better way to invest in property other than making a profit from the misfortune of other people.​

Owners are often brutalized and subject to various forms of abuse and stress, whether physical, financial, or mental. The lack of homeownership and instability in the home is a breeding ground for insecure families in the future.​ Find out more about our Team below

Proven Concept and Management

Management team with 100 years + Real Investment Experience

Turn-key solutions for the entire property value chain

Solutions built around experienced property professionals and relationships


Proven 7 Year Solution thesis, track record

We have helped over 250 homeowners keep their home

Our wonderful assist group

A Team Of Professionals

Kim Roesstorff Assist Group

Depallier Gerber

Chief Financial Officer

Bronwyn Reid Assist Group

Bronwyn Reid

Financial Manager

Paul Van Niekerk Assist Group

Paul Van Niekerk

Property Solution Specialist

Alicia Lombard

Karen Coetzee

Realty Management

Hennie Esterhuizen Assist Group

Hennie Esterhuizen

Property Solution Specialist

Ronel Rees Sales Facilitation Administrator

Ronel Rees

Rental & Recovery Administrator



Tana Lombard

Digital Marketer

Chantel Downing Assist Group

Christian Schutte

Media Coordinator

Christof Lombard

Wendell Davids

Customer Consultant

Daniel Lombard Assist Group

Daniel Lombard

Executive Chairman

Transaction and management experience 35 Years

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

With our industry partners’ strong track record over the last 7 years, we are well-positioned to connect Impaired Real Estate Owners and investors to resolve as many Impaired Real Estate challenges as we can, whilst preventing any Impaired Real Estate Owners from being taken undue advantage of.

Total Real Estate Transactions

Of Combined Real Estate Experience

Total Real Estate Transaction Value

Our Subsidiary Arms

Wealth Assist Logo

Real Estate Investment Advisory

  • Wealth Assist, in association with Assist Group’s funding partners, help to make an impact in the lives of Real Estate Owners whilst making excellent returns
  • Wealth Assist is a Real Estate Investment Advisory to assist Real Estate Investors to invest in real estate with the optimal strategy, to achieve their real estate investment goals, in the shortest but most secure way possible.
  • Wealth Assist provides a platform where real estate investors meet real estate investment opportunities.
Realty Management and Recovery Assist

Real Estate Management & Credit Recovery

  • Research and analyze the recoverability potential of property owners, facilitate property management, including inspections, due diligence, maintenance, and compliance​
  • Recover Assist also facilitates and monitors rehabilitation and training of property owners, from the signature of the initial agreements until the property is re-purchased and or sold to a third party. ​
  • Additional services include rental and collection, and payments on behalf of the various parties
Legal Convey and Risk Management Assist

Real Estate Administration & Risk Management

  • The Juristic team, together with a panel of attorneys, manages the legal risk assessments on the property owner and the property, and legal governance with regards to security ​
  • Its solutions include facilitating and negotiating with institutions and creditors on behalf of the property owners, asset transfer, property registrations, listings