Vision for Assist Group. Creating Wealth with real estate investments and consolidating debt for real estate owners in distress without debt review

Are You At Risk of Losing Your Home?

Real Estate Assist is a company that provides homeowners and property owners with unique solutions to stop foreclosure or auction of their home. We also help people who have a lot of debt consolidate it, unlock money in their house to address pressing cash-flow issues, and more.

We can help!

If you are struggling to keep up with mortgage payments and your property is at risk of repossession, we can help. Real Estate Assist helps by Unlocking the equity in your home to provide for necessary family matters. 

The best part is you get to keep your home! This is like using your house as a leverage to pay off your debts, while living in it.

We can assist distressed homeowners through advice, guidance, collaboration, and cooperation with creditors and industry professionals who can provide solutions to address your challenge.

Real Estate Assist solutions to date have:
– Helped over 270 homeowners.
– Helped property owners stop legal action from banks.
– Helped stop homes from going under the auction.
– Helped real estate owners escape the debt trap.

Provided advice and guidance on avoiding selling under duress.The good thing is our solutions are tailor-made to each individual’s situation. So it’s not the same solution offered to each individual, which is why we book you for a free consultation to unpack your financial situation, and then our team of experts will then recommend the best possible solution to help you either keep your home or property or ways to recover from the debt trap.

Need Funds to Pay Arrears?

Real Estate Assist can assist you to use your property to acquire funds to pay off all your arrears and break your debt cycle. All this without selling your property.

Don’t want to sell your home but feel you have no other options ?

You don’t have to be forced into selling your property, Real Estate Assist provides solutions that help you keep your home but get out of the debt trap you might have found yourself in.

Want to Stay In Your Home?

Auctions, foreclosures, repossessions, or legal actions? Our team of experts provides solutions to help me keep my home, settle debts, and regain peace of mind. I'll reach out to our team for guidance and support with these issues.

If You Are You At Risk of Losing Your Home?

The earlier we work with you in this process, the less costly it will be. We’ll help you stay in your home and rebuild your credit. 

To qualify for this assistance, you must own property, and to keep your property you need a consistent stable income. REQUEST A CALL

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