Assist Group’s Improve to Sell Program

This program is ideal for the real estate owners and real estate agents who’s clients wants to either maximise their proceeds or preparing their property for sale, but require the cash flow to do it upfront.

Would you like to increase the proceeds from the sale of your property without spending a dime?

Many homeowners cannot afford to make necessary improvements to their homes to increase their value. As a result, they are often forced to lower their asking price and accept a lower sales price than what would be possible with improvements to the property

Our “Improve To Sell“ program offers real estate owners an opportunity to make all of the desired improvements with no personal capital outlay whilst also ensuring that they will be able to sell their properties at prices higher than the expected “as is” market value. Achieving these goals means more money for your pocket when comes time to sell the property – which means more profits for you!

Agent Benefits

The program enables agents who refer real estate owners into this program to earn additional commission apart from the normal sales commisions and turning your open mandates into a sole mandates whilst increasing the marketability and of the property and by becoming an Ambassador Assist Group to secure additional stock.


Correctly Priced Properties

Assessment done by the professional valuer to ensure market-related listing prices


Sellable Condition

Ensure improvements are made to the real estate to increase the sale-ability of the real estate


Additional income

Introduction fees 1% of the transaction value of the assist. ​Additional commission on other additional stock through Real Estate Assist


Additional Stock

As an approved ambassador, Real Estate Assist will use your agency in selling additional real estate transactions facilitated by the organization


Sole Mandates

Secured for at least 60 days from completion of improvements


Increased Agents Commission

Due to the higher price achieved.

Adding value to a home is what we do

Bringing years of experience in refurbishing homes at the pre-sale stage, we work quickly with no fuss – even if it’s just for peace of mind knowing everything is shipshape before a buyer is found for the real estate!

Leaving a home with a fresh coat of paint not only boosts the curb appeal but also increases the resale value. Preparing a home for sale by committing time and attention to one last detail like painting the walls lets buyers know that the sellers have invested in the property.

We will bring a pool back to life. Restoring a swimming pool to its bright blue self is an investment that will always pay off. We are the best at making pools shine and work properly for the next owners to enjoy

We offer small improvements like installing new doorknobs or outlets, fixing or replacing old fixtures, covering large cracks, and more. Our renovation service gets the house ready to sell with quick turn-around times.

Before you sell, take advantage of our Improve to Sell program


Satisfaction Guarantee

We ensure improvements are made to the real estate to increase the sale-ability of the real estate


No question about it

With increased proceeds for Real Estate Agents and Real Estate Owners, it would be a mistake to sell without us


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