Debt Consolidation in South Africa

Unlock Your Home’s Equity with Real Estate Assist – The Ultimate Debt Consolidation Solution in South Africa

Are you a homeowner in need of cash? Discover how Real Estate Assist can help you unlock your property’s equity to consolidate debt, improve your home, and address urgent financial needs.

Debt Consolidation in South Africa

Unlock Your Home’s Financial Potential: Cash Solutions for Homeowner

Are you a homeowner in South Africa facing financial challenges? Struggling with debt and in need of cash? Real Estate Assist is here to help you unlock your home’s equity and provide tailored solutions to consolidate debt and improve your home.


 Do you have difficulty making your mortgage payments and are concerned about the impact of your debt on your financial well-being?

 Real Estate Assist can help you unlock the equity in your home and use the funds to Consolidate debt and use cash for important family matters and unplanned emergencies.

¬†Real estate assist can help you Consolidate Debt using equity in your property in South Africa by bringing together a team of specialists We can handle all the details of your project, so you don’t have to worry!

Assisting families with stopping foreclosure

What can Real Estate Assist do for you?

Real Estate Assist offers a range of services to help homeowners in South Africa access their property equity and use it to:

  1. Consolidate debt and pay bills
  2. Settle outstanding debts and arrears
  3. Address unexpected expenses and emergencies
  4. Improve and renovate your home
  5. Access cash flow for living expenses without resorting to a reverse mortgage

    At Real Estate Assist, we understand that each homeowner’s situation is unique, which is why we customize our solutions to fit your specific needs. To gain a comprehensive understanding of your financial circumstances, we offer a free consultation. Based on this assessment, our team will determine the most suitable approach to help you unlock your property’s equity.

    We Can Consolidate Your Financial Burdens!

    We can assist in unlocking your home’s wealth!

    Real Estate solution specialists in South Africa are ready to assist you!

    To be eligible for our services, you must own a property that has available equity between its current market value and the outstanding mortgage balance.


    Pay your mortgage Arrears

    Are you in need of funds to clear arrears and settle debts?

    We can assist you in paying off your debts and breaking free from the debt cycle by leveraging your property’s equity to access funds, all without having to sell your home.

    Stop the Auction of your property

    Are you considering a home renovation or upgrade, but concerned about the financial strain?

    We can assist you in utilizing your home’s equity as collateral for both debt consolidation and home improvement projects, easing your financial worries..

    Pay your mortgage Arrears

    Seeking a Comfortable Retirement?

    If you prefer to avoid a reverse mortgage and instead access alternative sources of cash for your living expenses, we can help you explore your options.

    Pay your mortgage Arrears

    Need Some Breathing Room?

    Interested in discovering how you can borrow against your home’s equity in the present moment? We can guide you through your options.

    Stay In You Home while you recover from your debt

    Interested in a Loan Alternative?

    Homeowners can now benefit from a unique loan alternative that allows them to access their home’s value without accumulating further debt. This unlocked cash can be used to cover bills and manage unforeseen emergencies.

    Pay your mortgage Arrears

    Navigating a divorce?

    Are you looking to settle a divorce or separation without selling your home or accruing additional debt?

    We can assist you in accessing cash from your home’s equity without having to sell the property or incur further debt. Obtain the necessary funds to finalize a divorce, pay off existing debts, or make other significant life adjustments.

    Welcome to Real Estate Assist!

    South Africa’s Premier Property Solution Experts

    Allow us to help you unlock cash from your real estate, access funds tied up in your property, and free up much-needed cash through our services.

    We understand that each client’s situation is unique and requires tailored solutions.

    Many of our clients have funds locked in property that they cannot access promptly.

    Our Property Solutions are designed to help you release money from your property without having to sell or downsize, saving time and reducing stress in the process.

    We aim to enable you to access emergency cash flow for unexpected expenses. Additionally, you can profit from your property using our “Improve to Sell” service!

    Real Estate Assist is here to support you with all your real estate needs, whether it’s unlocking cash from a property or making informed decisions in challenging circumstances. The initial step is determining your available options. We can assist you in this process and provide the information necessary for you to make the best decision for yourself and your family. Our experts possess years of experience in real estate law and will not only assess your situation but also offer expert advice on the best way to move forward.


    Pay your mortgage Arrears

    We have the best property solutions to

    We Consolidate Debt all over South Africa 

    Happy Family with young children that are safe from foreclosure

    The sooner we begin working with you in this process, the less expensive and overwhelming it will be. We will assist you in regaining creditworthiness and restoring your full homeownership status.

    We offer the finest Homeowner Solutions in South Africa and pride ourselves on being the top property solutions company in the country.

    To be eligible for our assistance, you must own a property and maintain a consistent, stable income to retain your property. REQUEST A CALL today.

    Impaired Credit Consumers 18% of SA 1x1

    Struggling to pay your debt in South Africa

    Debt Consolidation for Bill Payment Assistance ‚Äď If you’re finding it difficult to manage your finances, we’re here to help. We can provide the funds necessary to cover your bills, resolve debts, and ensure your home remains functional.

    Our specialists will guide you in assessing all your options, such as selling the property or considering a reverse mortgage. We’ll collaborate with you to determine the most appropriate solution for your circumstances.