Join Our Ambassador Network to Help Distressed Homeowners

Real Estate Assist is on a mission to change the game for distressed homeowners. Whether you work in banking, law, real estate, or credit counseling, we want to partner with you. If you come across clients facing property auction or legal action, let us be your solution.

Our team offers personalized solutions to prevent legal action and stop property auctions to help distressed homeowners recover their financial situation. By joining our referral program, you can earn commission while empowering clients to transform their lives. Join us in our mission to change industry standards and make a difference for those in need.

Join us in our mission to change industry standards and make a difference for those in need.

Assisting families with stopping foreclosure

Real Estate Assist solutions to date have:

  • Helped over 270 homeowners
  • Helped property owners stop legal action from banks
  • Helped stop homes from going under the auction
  • Helped real estate owners escape the debt trap
  • Provided advice and guidance on avoiding selling under duress or getting the best possible value from the property when selling was an option.

The good thing is our solutions are tailor-made to each individual’s situation. So it’s not the same solution offered to each individual, which is why we book homeowners for a free consultation to unpack their financial situation, and then our team of experts will recommend the best possible solution to help them either keep their home or property or ways to recover from the debt trap.

If you have clients in this situation, partner with us!

Earn commission as an ambassador for Real Estate Assist and turn distressed homeowners into success stories. This is a passive income opportunity that allows you to empower your clients and make a difference in their lives while earning money for yourself.

Pay your mortgage Arrears

Funds to Pay Arrears

Real Estate Assist can assist homeowners to use their property to acquire funds to pay off all their arrears and break their debt cycle. All this while they keep their property.

Stay In You Home while you recover from your debt

Homeowners that want to Stay In Their Home

Homeowners don’t have to be forced into selling their property, Real Estate Assist provides solutions that help them keep their home but get out of the debt trap they might have found themselves in.

Stop the Auction of your property

Homeowners without options other than selling their homes

For homeowners that do not have any other option but to sell their home, we can assist them to maximise their proceeds of the sale and avoid a short sale.