South Africa’s Auction and Repossession prevention services

by | Apr 26, 2022

Auction and Repossession prevention services

Your Property is your debt solution

Real Estate Assist is South Africa’s answered prayer for property owners facing debt, repossession, and auctions

South Africa’s own Auction and Repossession prevention services

Auction and Repossession prevention services: Did you know that Real Estate Assist is a company specializing in the provision of debt solutions for property owners? They have been helping homeowners in financial distress since 2008. The main aim of the company is to assist homeowners in financial distress who are facing repossession and auction to find a way out of this predicament by either selling their properties or seeking alternative payment arrangements with banks and other financial institutions.

Real Estate Assist has saved many homeowners from repossessions and auctions through its innovative solutions. The company also helps buyers interested in purchasing distressed properties at low prices by providing information on auctioned, repossessed, and distressed homes up for sale throughout South Africa. As such, Real Estate Assist is a one-stop shop for both buyers and sellers looking to get the most value out of distressed homes.

The company’s website provides useful information on their services as well as articles aimed at educating homebuyers and homeowners about purchasing distressed properties, avoiding foreclosure, and handling unpaid mortgage loans or rent arrears.

Homeowners in deep debt facing repossession and auction should use the help of Real Estate Assist.

Are you a property owner in South Africa who is facing repossession or auction? Are you in deep debt regarding your home, and need to sell it fast or keep it and stop auction and foreclosure? If so, Real Estate Assist is here to help.

Real Estate Assist offers you a quick and easy solution to get out of your current predicament. They can assist you with their expert knowledge of the market to help you keep you property or by selling your home quickly, before the bank or sheriffs can act against it. We also stop sale in executions and all legal action against you and stop your repo!

Real Estate Assist has a office in cape town. They are systematically expanding throughout the country to help people like yourself solve their problems as quickly as possible. Contact them today for professional assistance with all your real estate needs.

It is possible to avoid repossession and auction by using the help of a company that specializes in debt solutions such as Real Estate Assist.

If you are facing repossession and the auction of your home, it can seem like there is nowhere to turn to for help. The thought of losing the one thing that you have worked so hard for in your life can be devastating. It is possible to avoid repossession and selling at auction by using the help of a company that specializes in debt solutions such as Real Estate Assist.

Real Estate Assist has been helping homeowners for years who find themselves unable to make their home loan repayments or who have too much debt. We work with banks and other lenders to try and find a solution to your problem, whether that be allowing you more time to pay off arrears, restructuring your loan or assisting you in finding alternative solutions. We will also buy your home from you with the help of investors if this is the best option available under the circumstances.

Auction and Repossession prevention services

For homeowners in deep debt, the situation can seem hopeless. Caught in a downward spiral of mounting payments and interest charges that results from being unable to pay off their debts, many property owners are at risk for having their homes sold at auction – a nightmarish scenario that can be avoided with the help of a competent and experienced debt resolution company.

What is the best solution for home owners in South Africa who find themselves deep in debt? What is the best way to prevent your home from going to auction? How do you exit the endless cycle of missed payments and penalties?

A debt resolution company can help you with all this.

Those who want to avoid going to auction can make use of the services offered by Real Estate Assist

Fortunately for South Africans who want to avoid having their properties repossessed and auctioned off, Real Estate Assist offers a solution. Real Estate Assist buys homes from people who need a quick sale. Offering a top price for one’s property is one of the many services provided by this amazing team of professionals. You can contact them via telephone or email and arrange an appointment with them to view your property if you are in need of a quick sale and are looking to get out of debt.

What makes this service great is the fact it is not only fast, but 100% legal and reputable.

Another great thing about Real Estate Assist is that they do all the work for you! As previously mentioned, they will pay cash, meaning that you don’t have to deal with any banks or mortgage bonds and will receive instant money upon completion of the sale.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this excellent service which could potentially save your home from auctioning off for much less than its true value then simply send an email or give them a call. The friendly staff will be able to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding their service

How long will it take homeowners to be rid of their debt liabilities?

If you are a homeowner, there is hope for you. However, in order to avoid repossession and auctions, you will need to act quickly. Do not delay in contacting Real Estate Assist, as this can prove costly and time consuming.

Once you have been contacted by Real Estate Assist (and thankfully before your home is repossessed or auctioned), the team will begin to prepare an offer for the property. This offer will be an assessment of your property based on the current market value of similar properties in your area. The selling price of your home should be fairly close to what it would fetch if sold on the open market – so if you accept their offer, a sale agreement will be drawn up by them and sent over to a conveyancing attorney for confirmation of validity and details. After this has taken place, all debts associated with the property (including bond arrears) are cleared in full – leaving both parties debt-free and ready for closure on the sale transaction within 60 days or less!

That’s right; it takes approximately two months from start to finish – meaning within just two months’ time homeowners could find themselves free from their debts once more!

Homeowners in deep debt can benefit from using Real Estate Assist before going into foreclosure or auction

Have you fallen behind on your home loan payments and are close to having your property repossessed or put to auction? Whether it is because of debt, a divorce, emigration, or anything else, there is hope.

Real Estate Assist (REA) was founded by a group of investors who wanted to help South African homeowners facing foreclosure, repossession and home auctions. They have successfully helped many people avoid these things.

Some homeowners believe that they have no choice but to allow their homes to be sold at auction as they cannot afford their mortgage payments any longer.

Don’t panic, you can still save your home! There are options available to avoid repossession and foreclosure. You need to get organised. Get a pen and paper and make a list of all the debts that you owe, including loan accounts, credit cards, buy now, pay later accounts such as clothing accounts and furniture stores. Work out exactly how much you have left over at the end of each month from your salary, after deducting all monthly expenses such as rent or bond payments, food and transport costs.

Work out with your current lender what amount they will accept from you on a monthly basis to bring your arrears up to date over an agreed period of time. The number one reason for their repossession process is unpaid arrears on account which can be paid up over time but if borrowers do not speak up about their situation before it is too late, they lose their homes that are often fully paid off or close to being paid off.

News about an increase in property sales for South Africa’s homeowners facing repossession and auctions.

  • You are not alone if you’re struggling with repossession and auction.
  • You are not alone if you’re looking to sell your property.
  • As of March 2020, the number of auctions and repossessions in South Africa has increased by 12.1%.

Real Estate Assist is one way for those facing repossession or auction to get help for selling your home quickly

Whenever someone is in a situation of not being able to pay off their mortgage and debt, the property owner always has options.

Real Estate Assist was created to help homeowners make informed decisions about selling their property when they face repossession or auction in order to get out from under debts. The company offers a quick sale solution for those looking to sell their home in tough times.

The Real Estate Assist team are experts in both the legal and financial aspects of real estate, so they are able to provide homeowners with the best options for them and their given situation. In addition, Real Estate Assist provides buyers who can purchase a home quickly while still managing reasonable sales prices. Often these buyers will buy as-is, saving the seller money on repairs or renovations.

For homeowners that would like to sell fast but avoid either repossession or auction, consider reaching out to Real Estate Assist directly online through their website at www.realestateassist.co.za

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is for general informational purposes only and should not be considered legal or property advice. We do not take responsibility for any actions taken based on the information provided in this blog. It is always recommended to seek professional advice for your specific legal or property needs. Contact us (Real Estate Assist) if you seek such advice and we will appoint a professional from our team to be of assistance.

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Please Note: We are unable to provide assistance if you do not own a property. Real Estate Assist specializes in helping property owners who are experiencing challenges with their mortgage payments. If you own a property and require support with debt consolidation without going through the debt review process, our team is here to help you explore options to unlock the equity in your home for necessary family matters.

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