Unlock Equity in your Home in South Africa

Real Estate Assist is a Property solutions specialist firm that provides homeowners and property owners with unique solutions to unlock money in their house to address pressing cash-flow issues, and more.

What is Home Equity?

The home owner’s equity is equal to the value of the assets once the liabilities have been subtracted.

We can help you to use your home equity as collateral for debt consolidation and home improvements. We offer a wide range of unique Property Solutions to meet your needs and are committed to making the process as easy as possible for you.

Are struggling to keep up with mortgage payments and facing debt and financial hardship?

Real Estate Assist helps by Unlocking the equity in your home to provide for necessary family matters.

Real estate assist can help you unlock equity in your property by bringing together a team of experts who can ensure that everything runs smoothly from start to finish!

Assisting families with stopping foreclosure

Real Estate Assist Can Help You to:

  • Unlock cash from their real estate
  • Access funds tied up in your property 
  • Free up some cash using property 
  • Unlock Money to help pay bills 
  • Unlock the value of your property 
  • Release money tied up in their property, without selling or down-sizing 
  • Make available urgent cash flow to address needs like unforeseen bills and expenses for emergencies. 
  • Make money from their property to settle debts 

      The good thing is our solutions are tailor-made to each individual’s situation. So it’s not the same solution offered to each individual, which is why we book you for a free consultation to unpack your financial situation, and then our team of experts will then recommend the best possible solution to help you Unlock property equity or ways to recover from the debt trap.

      WE CAN HELP!

      We can assist in unlocking money from your home!

      South Africa’s Property solution Experts are here to assist You!

      To qualify for assistance you must own a property and have equity available between your bond and the value of your property.  

      Pay your mortgage Arrears

      Need Funds to Pay Arrears or Debt?

      Real Estate Assist can help you to use your property to acquire funds to pay off all your arrears and break your debt cycle. All this without selling your property.

      Stop the Auction of your property

      Home value improvement?

      Would you like to repair or update your home but don’t want the extra debt?

      We can help you to use your home equity as collateral for debt consolidation and home improvements

      Pay your mortgage Arrears

      Retire Comfortably

      Do you want to avoid having a reverse mortgage and would rather draw on other sources of cash for living expenses?

      Pay your mortgage Arrears

      Buy Time to Breath

      Would you like to free up some cash and buy time to maximize the proceeds before selling your home

      Stay In You Home while you recover from your debt

      Loan Alternative

      A new loan alternative for tapping into home equity without taking on additional debt is giving homeowners a boost. Pay bills and unforeseen emergencies with cash unlocked from your property?

      Pay your mortgage Arrears

      Settle a divorce

      Are you trying to settle a separation or divorce without selling your home or taking on debt?

      Welcome to Real Estate Assist!

      South Africa’s Property Solution Specialists

      We’re here to help you unlock cash from your real estate, access funds tied up in your property, and free up some cash using property.

      At Real Estate Assist, we understand that everyone’s situation is different. And we know that some of our clients have money tied up in their property and don’t have immediate access to it. That’s why we’ve created a program that can help you release money from your property without having to sell or downsize—and without breaking the bank.

      We want you to be able to make available urgent cash flow to address needs like unforeseen bills and expenses for emergencies. And if you’re looking for a way to make money from your property, we can provide that too with (Improve To Sell)!

      Real Estate Assist is here for all your real estate needs—whether it’s unlocking cash from a property or making the best property decisions in Challenging situations

      Happy Family with young children that are safe from foreclosure

      The earlier we work with you in this process, the less costly it will be. We’ll help you rebuild your credit and 

      Homeowner Solutions in South Africa

      To qualify for this assistance, you must own property, and to keep your property you need a consistent stable income. REQUEST A CALL