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Besides articles about how to handle debt in a responsible manner, how not to lose your home and how to avoid foreclosure, Real Estate Assist also provides general real estate news.

Best practices for bond consolidation

Best practices for bond consolidationAssessing current bond portfolioAnalyzing financial implicationsEstablishing a consolidation strategySelecting the right approach for consolidationExecuting the consolidation planMonitoring and evaluating the consolidated bond...

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How to negotiate with banks to stop home auction

In today's challenging economic climate, many homeowners worry about losing their homes to foreclosure. Negotiations with banks is a crucial step in halting the auction process and finding a solution. When it comes to negotiating with banks, there are several factors...

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Mortgage relief for homeowners

Having a home is a great accomplishment. But it also comes with economic duties. Homeowners can sometimes have difficulty making their mortgage payments, in particular during unexpected situations like job loss or sickness. To give aid and lessen the load for...

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