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Besides articles about how to handle debt in a responsible manner, how not to lose your home and how to avoid foreclosure, Real Estate Assist also provides general real estate news.

Expert advice on stopping home auction in South Africa

When a home auction looms in South Africa, it's vital to take action fast and seek expert help. The process of halting an auction is complex and requires knowledge of the legal procedures. Understanding the steps can protect a property from being sold. Homeowners can...

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Homeowners financial hardship assistance

Realizing the fiscal struggles of homeowners is pivotal in giving them the required aid. Homeowners may come across a range of troubles that can affect their finance and wellbeing. These can include unemployment, sudden medical costs, or a reduction in income. Such...

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Bond optimisation: A path to financial wellness

The importance of bond optimisation can't be underestimated when it comes to financial well-being. This strategy helps people and businesses optimise their investments and yields. By selecting bonds that fit their financial goals and risk appetite, they can set up a...

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Property owners financial recovery strategies

Properties are valuable assets with the potential to bring financial stability. It's essential to understand the ins and outs of property ownership for successful returns. Knowledge is power when it comes to investment. Analyzing data like rental prices, vacancy rates...

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Homeowners financial relief programs

Homeowners are searching for financial relief programs to ease the strain of mortgage payments and upkeep costs. These plans supply different types of aid to help homeowners manage their finances. Programs may provide mortgage loan modification or refinancing. This is...

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