Foreclosure Prevention Services.

If you are struggling to keep up with mortgage payments and your property is at risk of foreclosure, we can help. Real Estate Assist helps by Unlocking the equity in your home to provide for necessary family matters.

Real Estate Assist offers alternative solutions for homeowners & property owners by providing solutions to prevent foreclosure. Our services also help consolidate debt and unlock funds in your property which can be used to address the pressing cash flow matters.

Stop foreclosure, legal action, and Sale in Execution

Sale in execution has never been the best way to liquidate an asset to recover a debt while protecting the proceeds and investment in your property. 

We¬†can¬†help¬†you¬†with¬†real¬†estate¬†through¬†advice,¬†guidance,¬†collaboration,¬†and¬†collaboration¬†with¬†creditors¬†and¬†industry¬†professionals who can provide solutions to your problem.¬†The¬†earlier¬†we¬†begin¬†working¬†with¬†you¬†on¬†this¬†process,¬†the¬†less¬†expensive¬†it¬†will¬†be.¬†We’ll¬†work¬†with¬†you¬†to¬†keep¬†your¬†house¬†and¬†rebuild¬†your¬†credit.


There are many things that can lead to home foreclosure – especially changes that affect finances, such as:

  • Divorce or separation
  • Death of a spouse
  • Loss of employment or reduction of hours
  • Major illness or injury

When you are focused on an unexpected problem or situation, it is difficult to think about foreclosure. The best way to protect yourself from foreclosure risks caused by unexpected life changes is to plan for time.

Real Estate Assist is here for you if you:

  • Want to keep your home, avoid the bank auctioning your home, prevent foreclosure
  • Want to be able to pay your mortgage again and stay on your property while you are getting help from us and can recover your finances
  • Want to stay in your home because you cannot afford or have the time to relocate now or have sentimental ties to this property and do not want to sell it
  • Want to Stop, prevent, or get advice about a looming auction, foreclosure, repossession, or legal action on your home or property

Real Estate Assist foreclose prevention services:

Loan Modification:

Loan modifications are a critically important solution when you’re in danger of losing your home. At Real Estate Assist, we have unique loan modification solutions for you that can quickly and effectively resolve your problems through tools and strategies tailored to your individual situation and goals.

Short Sale:

If¬†the¬†value¬†of¬†your¬†home¬†is¬†less¬†than¬†what¬†you¬†owe¬†your¬†mortgage¬†company,¬†‚Äúa short¬†sale”¬†may¬†be¬†the¬†solution¬†to¬†your¬†problems.¬†Banks¬†require¬†over¬†70¬†pages¬†of paperwork¬†just¬†to¬†consider¬†your¬†home¬†for¬†a¬†short¬†sale.¬†

You can have representation for the entire short sale process for the price that most attorneys would charge for one or two hours of their services (an average of three months).