Prevent your Property from a Bank auction.

If you are struggling to keep up with mortgage payments and your property is at risk of repossession, we can help. Real Estate Assist helps by providing pay back solutions tailormade to save your property from being auctioned as well as pay back the debt while still living in your home.

Real Estate Assist offers alternative solutions for homeowners & property owners by providing solutions to stop legal action or auctions. Our solutions also help consolidate debt and unlock funds from which can be used to address the pressing cash flow matters.

There are many things that can lead to your house being auctioned by the bank, things that can affect you financially, such as:

  • Loss of employment or reduction of hours
  • Divorce or separation
  • Death of a spouse
  • Major illness or injury

When you are focused on an unexpected problem or situation, it is difficult to think about house repossession.


At Real Estate Assist we help distressed real estate owners that need to:

  • stop auction and foreclosure proceedings.
  • Stop legal action.
  • rebuild their financial standing.
  • keep their home and pay off their mortgages.

With our knowledge and experience, they can navigate through this difficult time so that they can get out on the other side fully recovered and ensure their property and family are safeguarded.


Here are some ways we assist:


  1. Negotiate out of foreclosure:

We can help negotiate your way out of a foreclosure. Foreclosing on the property cost banks a lot of time and money. In the absence of a forbearance agreement, try calling your lender and explaining your situation. You will most likely be given some leeway if missed payments are not your norm. Never be afraid to contact your lender to negotiate a payment plan that works for you. A foreclosure in a neighbourhood lowers the value of nearby properties.

  1. Stop legal action:

We can help stop legal action against the bank on your property. We can help you with real estate through advice, guidance, collaboration, and collaboration with creditors and industry professionals who can provide solutions to your problem. 

  1. Work out a consolidation solution:

If you are consistently unable to meet your mortgage payments, this can be sometimes due to other financial obligations that you can’t seem to get yourself out of. We can assist with settling those debts which in turns leaves you with more disposal income to place towards one fixed payment towards your house as well as the consolidation amount. Talk to us to find out more about this