How to Prevent Foreclosure on a House

Real estate assists homeowners who are struggling to pay their mortgage.  Has a homeowner having trouble keeping up with your mortgage payments, it can leave you feeling vulnerable and impact families, and destabilizes communities.


Our goal is to prevent foreclosure from taking place and assist in this type of scenario were

In a judicial foreclosure, the lender files a lawsuit to initiate a foreclosure. To avoid being caught up in this kind of scenario this is what we advise


Do not wait for your house to be taken away to start looking for solutions this is the best time to take action sooner rather than later.  We assist you with a loan modification that can enable your payments.


For us to start this procedure.  We first sign an agreement with clients that states you have agreed for us to help you pay off your debt and rebuild your credit. We are open to negotiation, so if you can secure funds before the foreclosure is completed, this would allow you to keep your home and avoid foreclosure.


What we do is with time we fixed the critical maintenance which added value to the property, and we assist group assistance were able to stop the scheduled auction which would have been sold at a fraction of the real value.


These are the following procedures that will assist you in preventing an auction for your house 

we advise you to communicate with your lender when going through financial difficulties.

As a client, you need to read loan documents and understand your mortgage rights.  it will help you prevent the auction of your home.

We want you to review your finances and figure out what areas of spending need to be cut or reduced and applied to your mortgage. 


How We Can Stop Foreclosure on Your House

Our goal is to help you in repossessing your house the process for us to save your home we firstly engage with clients and advise on the possible solutions stating to pay off your debt and rebuild your credit. We also work out different time frames in which you can be totally out of debt and still retain your property.

This is the best strategy to assist home or property owners as other solutions on the market generally cannot save property when one is unable to pay off their monthly repayments to the bank. This is a solution slowly growing into the market and was designed by real estate experts who’ve been in the real estate industry for over 3 decades and realized there was a big problem with assisting consumers with an impaired debt situation

Our service is not debt review or Debt Counseling, we only focus on assisting you in keeping your home knowing that your properties are secure with us you can still be living in your home.